Readers Rota

If you are unable to read on the date given, please use the contact list to arrange a swap with one of the other readers. Thank you.

Week beginning 6:15pm 9:30am 11:15am
24th July 2022 1st Reading Ann G Paul H Pat O
2nd Reading Chi L Geraldine B Patryk D
31st July 1st Reading Mary S Andy S Jonathan H
2nd Reading Margarita K Ursula H David R
7th August 1st Reading Paula T Karen R Laura B
2nd Reading Ethel D Donncha R Patty P
14th August 1st Reading Carolyne H Ian C Mary F
2nd Reading Cynthia B Hazel M Di M
21st August 1st Reading Brian McG Mark H Patryk D
2nd Reading Maura McG Lloney E‑M Pat O
28th August 1st Reading Liam F Mike Q David R
2nd Reading Ann G Michael G Jonathan H
4th September 1st Reading Chi L Nina B Patty P
2nd Reading Mary S Ruth D Laura B
11th September 1st Reading Margarita K Sophie B Di M
2nd Reading Paula T Carolyn F Mary F
18th September 1st Reading Ethel D David W Pat O
2nd Reading Carolyne H John C Patryk D
25th September 1st Reading Cynthia B Geraldine B Jonathan H
2nd Reading Brian McG Paul H David R
Week beginning 6:15pm 9:30am 11:15am
2nd October 2022 1st Reading Maura McG Ursula H Laura B
2nd Reading Liam F Andy S Patty P
9th October 1st Reading TBD TBD TBD
2nd Reading TBD TBD TBD
16th October 1st Reading TBD TBD TBD
2nd Reading TBD TBD TBD

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