Rotas for 17th July 2022 - 16th Sunday, Year C

6:15pm 9:30am 11:15am
Mass Representative Reena K Shirley F & Elvira E‑M Julie C
Altar Servers Luca   Josephina
Lily   Teresa
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion Lyndsey B Dominique D Sam L
Ministers of the Word 6:15pm 9:30am 11:15am
1st Reading Maura McG John C Dube I
2nd Reading Liam F David W Mary F
Hospitality after Mass Maura McG Jan O'B & John O'B Patty P
Hymn Presentation   Andy S  
Mass Preparation     Jonas K
Week beginning 18th July Minister to the Sick & Housebound
Key Holder Claire C Clare Court TBD
Flowers Gabrielle B Cashier Martin H & Clare F
Altar Linen Beryl B Banker TBD

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